About our company

As you know, the last few years have been very difficult for the Moving and Storage Industry, especially with the impact from COVID.

Therefore, with those issues coupled together with my impending retirement, 2022 will be Winfield Micro Systems last year in business. It has been wonderful working with all of our customers over the past 40+ years. We are and will always be grateful for your loyalty after all this time.

Winfield Micro Systems will officially close for business on March 31, 2022. My hope is that this will give all of our customers ample time to order and install all needed updates for 2022. 

We'd like to reciprocate the support that customers have shown WMS over the years, so Jack Sorenson will personally offer free support by email for all tariff issues and tariff installations during April-December 2022. After March 31, 2022, no tariff products or updates can be purchased.

Once again, we thank you for 40+ years!

Contact: JackSorenson@WinfieldMicro.com for support issues/questions.