Cube Sheet Software

Winfield's Electronic Cube Sheet System

This new "Cube Sheet" estimator system is a complete stand-alone system developed specifically for the Handheld (touch screen) platform. Complete with full printing capabilities, Winfield's "Cube Sheet" is a powerful estimating tool.  Using the 8.9" screen, our software will display in 1024 x 600 mode in both landscape and portrait.  This computer (above)  is not your typical Handheld computer,  it is a fully functional computer featuring Windows XP with wireless internet, network, blue tooth, touch screen and much more.

FYI  ALL Winfield's (400 based) Custom Tariff's integrate with our Cube Sheet Software.

  Video Demo of Winfield's CubeSheet
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CubeSheet Printouts - pdf format

Please notice:  The Handheld computer will allow the Sales Person and Shipper to sign the CubeSheet (in any color ink) and save for recall at a later time. Any cube sheet can be saved in pdf format for easy email attachment.

Also notice the handwritten notes may be written to your shipper (in any color ink) directly on the CubeSheet.  Also, you may highlight any text on the CubeSheet.

1.  8.5 x 14 - Featuring: All Name & Address options.
2.  8.5 x 11 - Featuring: 3 columns & moving items only.
3.  8.5 x 11 - Featuring: 2 columns & NOT moving items only.
4.  8.5 x 11 - Featuring: 3 columns & Mvg + Not Mvg items.
5.  8.5 x 11 - Featuring: 2 columns & Itemized Packing list.
6.  8.5 x 11 - Featuring: 3 columns & Weight additive items.

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CubeSheet Software Pricing

Winfield Micro Sells the CubeSheet software separately from the hardware system the you choose.  Winfield will provide you with all of the tools and information to purchase your hardware directly from any vendor listed on our hardware page.  

This CubeSheet Software is written specifically for the HandHeld Mobile Tablet PC system using Windows XP or Vista.


CubeSheet Software: $250.00. 

  including the 1st year of support.

  download updates from Internet.

  includes all custom printouts.

  includes ability to print your Logo on forms.

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"Screen Shots" of our CubeSheet

Below are links to "screen shots" featuring general instructions by program category.

Utility functions

1.  Add/Edit/Remove ROOM NAMES (Master Database).
2.  Add/Edit/Remove CATEGORY NAMES (Master DB).
3.  Add/Edit/Remove CUBE ITEMS  (Master Database).
4.  Add/Edit/Remove SALES NAMES (Master Database).
5.  Archive CubeSheets (move active shipment to inactive).
6.  UnArchive CubeSheets (restore inactive shipment).
7.  Master DataBase  Restore (Start Over Fresh).

Load / Save / New Shipments Functions

1.  Open Screen (previously saved to Database).
2.  Save Screen (save to Database for recall later).
3.  New Screen (start a new cubesheet).

Name & Address Functions

1.  Add/Edit Names/Address/Agency info to CubeSheet.

Printing Functions

1.  Printing - to Printer/Screen/pdf files.

General Cube Sheet Functions

1.  General layout and standard functions.
2.  Edit Function for any Item.
3.  Special functions for the "Cube Sheet".

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Contact Winfield Micro

Winfield Micro Systems, Inc
2333 Wisconsin Ave.
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: 630-960-5515
Fax: 630-960-5592
Contact: Jack Sorenson

Email us and ask for our FREE CubeSheet Demo CD

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