GSA-01 Tariff

Key Benefits of our GSA Tariffs

  1. Available in Network (Multiuser or Single user)
  2. On line help screens - user friendly
  3. 30 day money back guarantee
  4. No Annual Fees or Subscription Fees
  5. Official H.H.C.B. Rates
  6. Works great on any Laptop/Desktop Computer.
  7. Print Estimate directly on Van Line forms.
  8. Built in State and County Codes lookup tables.
  9. Complete Mini-Tariff Printouts.
  10. Print/Create an Invoice and Public Voucher for each shipment.
  11. Print Directly on your Van Line Bill of Lading
  12. Fast and Accurate and Easy Rating.
  13. (create estimate printouts in residence)
  14. Save / Recall capabilities
  15. Great for a Quick check of rates on Screen.
  16. Complete access to all/any contracts.
  17. User customizable Estimate Printouts.
  18. Print Estimates directly on your letterhead or form.