Custom Tariff Publishing

Winfield's economic stimulus package.

Complete Publishing price: $400.00



What is included for that price?

Complete Tariff Document

  • Includes Tariff Document setup and design at no additional charge.

  • Our tariff system was derived and adopted from the original HHGCB 400N tariff system effective 12/31/2007. This adoption is approved by FSCMA.

  • Tariff Setup and consultation is included and no additional charge.

Tariff Application Software

  • Application is setup with your published rates.

  • Our application software was derived from the old 400N tariff system.

  • Include the Rand McNally mileage guide 19 and no additional charge.

  • All Tariff Application Software support at no charge

  • Winfield can provide your rates in an excel format for an additional fee.

  • Click HERE  to see our Tariff Products page for the complete description of our application software.


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